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Eze Medical Clinic

Tel:  731 661-0067
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Dr. Gift Eze - Chief Doctor

Dr. Gift Eze is a board certified in Internal Medicine with the emphasis for treatment for both children and adults. He has over seven years of experience in Internal Medicine and is recognized by the Academy of Internal Medicine for his commitment in serving the Health Care Needs of all populations within the West Tennessee area. 

The Eze Clinic, P.C. was founded and established by Gift E. Eze, M.D. in 1998, with the vision of providing a Medical Clinic that will offer quality medical care for the entire family. After successfully fulfilling this desire, his vision has made it possible for individuals to establish a sole primary care provider that could diagnose, treat and monitor the illnesses for themselves as well as their entire family. 

Sarah Eze - Business Manager 

Andriane Johnson - Nurse 

Lori E Eldridge - Nurse 

Juanita J Brown  - Nurse

Elizabeth Carlton -  Nurse 

Lakeshia Jones -  Nurse

Lori Laddneedham - Nurse

Mary Bill - Nurse

New Doctor - Doctor 


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