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Eze Medical Clinic

Tel:  731 661-0067
Fax: 731 661-0533

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Dr. Gift Eze is a board certified in Internal Medicine with the emphasis for treatment for both children and adults. He has over seven years of experience in Internal Medicine and has been recognized by the Academy of Internal Medicine for his commitment in serving the health care needs of  the West Tennessee area. 

The Eze Clinic, P.C. was founded and established by Gift E. Eze, M.D. in 1998, with the vision of creating a medical clinic that will offer quality medical care for the entire family. After successfully fulfilling this desire, this vision has made it possible for individuals to establish a sole primary care provider that can diagnose, treat and monitor illnesses for the entire family. 

Knowledgeable, Helpful Nurses
The nurses in our office all have extensive medical training. They can handle many of your questions and problems and will also provide patient information materials specific to your situation. 

Confidentiality Respected
Your medical records are strictly confidential. Your prior written authorization is required for the release of any information. Please notify our office promptly of any change in your name, address, and telephone number.

Beneficial Patient Education
It is important that you learn about and understand your medical condition. Many educational material including booklets and video programs are available in the office for your use. Questions and discussions are encouraged.

Simplifying Insurance Payments
Please bring verification of your insurance coverage with you on your first visit, and keep us informed of any changes in your coverage. We will prepare and file all insurance claims.

Reasonable Fees
We share your concerns regarding the rising cost of healthcare. The expense of billing add to your cost of medical care and, therefore, we ask for your payment of co - pays, deductibles, and non- covered services at the time services are rendered. We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. Arrangement will be made for a payment plan when needed.

Patient Services
Some of the services that we provide are screening for Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose Cholesterol, Prostate Cancer, Colon Cancer, X- rays, Bone Density, Electrocardiogram, EEG, and Holter Monitoring, etc. 

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