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Eze Medical Clinic

Tel:  731 661-0067
Fax: 731 661-0533

Ask a question Live 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Scheduled for May 2004 Eze Medical Clinic will have the ability to begin taking appointments online. To prepare for this service please feel free to create a personalized username on the form below.

To make an appointment please call us at:


Create A New User Account

Welcome to the EzeClinic online appointment. This service was created to speed up your visit to the Clinic. All information provided will be kept confidential. Please note, if this is your first time using the systems, you will have to register and obtain a password before you can use the service.

First Time User Registration

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Appointment Information
Patients are seen by appointment during office hours. If you are a new patient you will receive information and an insurance form to be completed prior to being seen. Emergency
patients will also be seen as needed. If you need to change or canceled an appointment please call and let us know in advance.

Every effort will be made for you to be seen on time. Should a delay occur, you will be informed of the nature of the delay (i.e. Hospital emergency, etc.), and given an opportunity to reschedule your appointment if waiting is not feasible. We encourage your suggestions in our efforts to improve the attention and care you receive.

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